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Join Our Team

If you want to join a place where you will design the future and think more deeply than you imagined, we’d like to hear from you.


You seek the truth, are intensely curious, and your mind won’t rest until you know how and why people do what they do. Your drive to learn and ability to find what really matters is fundamental to our work. You ask questions.


You conceptualize well and drive decisions across multiple topics that affect our clients. You can synthesize data and insight from multiple arenas and make decisions. You are driven by insight, design, technology, and the desire to be the first—and you know how to leverage all of it.


Strategy, insight and technology inspire you to design systems and interfaces that provide meaning and delight users. You can see patterns across platforms, topics, and products. You like Sharpies, sticking ideas to the wall, and unflinchingly collaborating with people to get the best possible solutions into the marketplace. You are internally competitive and know that you can make a difference. And, you’re willing to use your outside voice to get the results that make the world better.


You’ve always been a collaborative coder. To master your craft, you prototype, test, break things, absorb ideas and learn constantly. Then you build again. You see complex problems as a challenge to learn new tools. You are always looking for the latest and greatest, the new, the hard, and the transformative. You have a high give-a-sh*t factor and can help make the impossible real.

Program Managers

You like to drive the bus and make sure that execution is flawless, meaningful and on budget. You like being 100 percent accountable for the work and love to lead great teams. You can inspire, challenge, push and ask questions that help teams get better. You understand your strategy counterpart, see the opportunity, and envision the win—and will do whatever it takes to get there.



Make the most of your education and develop skills that have value in the world. Our interns gain valuable experience that helps them become experts in their respective fields while making things that matter.


Summer 2018 Internship Program 

Join us! bswing is currently looking for a Web Developer Intern and a UX Designer Intern for the summer of 2018. Our program is designed to give students "real world" experience by involving you in our projects and pairing you up with a mentor. We are conveniently located in the North Loop with a roof top patio and dog-friendly workplace. 

We’re a small shop with a fun and diverse set of clients, which guarantees you’ll get exposure to a wide range of projects and technical/design challenges. We want to make sure you get the most out of your internship, which means we will pair you with a mentor who shares your career interests and who will work closely with you to develop your skills.

To apply, please send your resume/portfolio to 


Web Developer Intern

Position Summary:

The bswing Web Developer Internship program is designed to give students “real world” experience by working side-by-side with the technology group to develop rapid prototypes, custom applications, technical specifications, and content management and e-commerce solutions. 

What you’ll be working on:
You'll join a project team and will begin by shadowing and assisting the technology lead and assuming a key developer role on a project within a few weeks. Over the course of the internship you will: Create detailed documentation and functional specifications (e.g., instructions, defect reports, flow charts); Develop HTML/CSS/JavaScript client applications for mobile and web; Help build and maintain server applications; Collaborate with design team on how to craft effective and engaging interactive experiences; Learn how projects move through the process from proposal to design to development to delivery. 
What we're looking for: 
Junior or Senior or recent graduate of a Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, CIS, MIS, or related degree. Experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, media queries, and other presentation layer technologies. Familiarity with content management systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, Kentico, and SiteCore. Strong interest in learning. Promising technical aptitude. Appreciation of good design. Great communication skills. Familiarity with object-oriented programming is a plus. 

UX Designer Intern

Position Summary 
Calling designers with a passion for problem solving! bswing is looking for curious creative types to join us on our project teams. The program is designed to train you in interactive design and usibility. You give us a fresh perspective on our clients' conundrums, and we give you a whole new set of tools for thinking about design strategically. 
What you'll be working on:
You'll join a project team and will begin by shadowing and assisting the UX lead and assuming a key UX role on a project within a few weeks. Over the course of the internship, you will: Create site maps, wireframes, prototypes, user flow diagrams, and personas & scenarios; Assist with usability research, including drafting interview guides and summarize findings; Conduct competitive research; Learn how to chart a project path from proposal to design to development to delivery. 
What we're looking for: 
Junior or Senior or recent graduate from university/college design program. Interest in digital marketing and/or product development (primarily software applications). A portfolio that showcases your approach to projects and demonstrates an understanding of interface and interaction design principles. An ability to create logical systems and organize complex ideas. Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite or similar design tools. Visual design skills. HTML/CSS knowledge a plus. Strong work ethic and an ability to work independently.