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Design for trust — taking the stress out of selecting insurance

Image of a hand holding a prescription bottle looking at the Prime website on a computer.

The experience of obtaining healthcare is a uniquely vulnerable one. Every step of the process can be lined with confusion and barriers – especially for those with moderate-to-high care needs. Understanding the difference in plan benefits, medicine costs, and where to receive care only add to the stress of living with a condition.

Prime Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical benefits provider, approached bswing to help them create an empathetic onboarding experience that would break down stressful triggers into a simplified self-service process. Through a series of CoCreate workshops and detailed design sprints, we moved quickly from concept to prototype — allowing us to test concepts with end-users and hone each facet of the user experience to be fast, secure, and without all of the stress.

Screenshot of Prime pharmaceutical app.

Mirroring customer priorities

bswing found, among all of the moving parts for an insurance shopper, cost and access to their medicine was fundamental. So, we hung the experience on that. Users tell us what's in their medicine cabinet, and out come the best plans to meet their needs. Pharmacies, delivery options, medicine alternatives fall into place from there.


The outcome of our partnership was a fully-developed front-end experience for onboarding members, as well as a set of UX patterns, interaction conventions, and language that help frame the entire digital experience for Prime members.

Photograph of a person pointing at a wall of post-its and papers at a design workshop.